VoIP has changed the way that we conduct business

One of the biggest challenges for remote workers is staying connected without the resources available to employees in an office environment. Advanced features and functionality enable remote workers to continue to have access to their business phone system regardless of where they may be working.

Benefits of VoIP:

Boost Productivity

Improve Communication

Attract and Retain More Engaged Worker

Lower Costs

We will set up a VoIP phone system that will empower your employees and help grow your business.


Hosted PBX Phone Services

Based on several factors and requirements, a hosted PBX phone system can be configured to suit your business needs.

Important Questions To Consider:

• Does your business need external lines? Internal extensions?
• Do you need to provide customer service to the public?
• Are you or your employees always on the go? Do you travel a lot and need to answer calls while you travel?
• Do you need to integrate a CRM system to keep track of calls?
• What features can help enhance your business? For instance, do you require call waiting, voicemail, or maybe conference bridging?
• Do you need to put customers on hold or reroute to other departments?
• How are calls answered? For example, can you answer calls via a computer or from a desk phone?
• Are you planning on expanding or growing your business? How soon and how fast?
• What are a few additional features you might need in the future?

Here’s what businesses like yours are already experiencing with hosted PBX:


Mobility and Flexibility


Receive and make calls anywhere, anytime


Support remote employees from any geographical location


Answer and call easily – from your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, computer, or any smart device


Attend to multiple customers at once – route, hold, forward, and track calls


Route calls to any number, change your settings when needed


Provide better customer service – automate answering incoming calls and routing


Save Money and Increase Revenue

Benefits of Hosted PBX Phone Systems

All these amazing features create a seamless business process. They aim at automating your business’ communication efforts. Along with cost-savings and simple management benefits, there are many more benefits. Hosted PBX phone systems are packaged with a ton of advantages. These benefits support your current business needs and expansion anytime you are ready.

Hosted PBX Perks:

  • Minimal start-up, infrastructure, and equipment costs
  • Low cost for international calls
  • No in-house technical expertise required
  • Variety of features with your package
  • Streamline Business and Enhance Productivity
  • Stay on top of business – track, maintain and retrieve detailed call logs
  • Follow up on progress and key clients – CRM integration
  • Generate important reports to monitor call usage and activity
  • Record calls for playback and reference
  • Never miss a call – monitor, and retrieve call logs, forwarding, and routing for instance
  • Manage employees and departments efficiently
  • Build a Great Company Reputation and Image
  • Customize greeting and voicemail messages
  • Local numbers in your area of business
  • Portray a professional image – add an automated call attendant routing to the right personnel
  • Scale your service – grows with your business without downtime or interruptions
  • Streamline Your Business Communications

A hosted PBX phone service is a great solution that will grow and expand as you grow. Hosted PBX phone systems offer a variety of value-added features, Moreover, these features integrate seamlessly with your hosted PBX phone system. In addition, your hosted PBX service is professionally managed and maintained. Therefore, requiring no technical know-how or hardware in your office.

An abundance of features to suit every need

Your new phone system has a myriad of great features to support your growing business.
Here are several of the most popular features:

Automated Call Attendant/Greeting

Caller ID

Call Forwarding/Transfer

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

Music on Hold

Conference Bridge

Conference Management

Click to Call/Web Dial

Call Screening

Do Not Disturb

Call Recording

Virtual Extensions

Call Pickup

Call Queues

Emergency (911) dialing


Voicemail to Text/Email

CRM Integration

Mobile Application

Call Logs

And more...

You’ll receive a host of telephony services to keep your business connected at all times.

Save time and money for your business.
Keep a professional public image.
Manage and streamline internal processes.
Increase productivity as a result.

How do I get started?


Fill out the form below


Someone will connect with you to discuss your needs to find the best solution


After a service option is determined, we will:

• submit a number port
• setup extensions for users
• setup main greeting and routing instructions
• setup voicemail to text (if requested)
• send you pre-programmed phones (if needed)
• temporarily route your current number to your system


Enjoy all the hassle free benefits

• Save time and money for your business.
• Keep a professional public image.
• Manage and streamline internal processes.
• Increase productivity as a result.