Now that your software product is live, your next steps are to keep improving and growing. Our team of engineers can help you through the evolution of your software.

We understand how important it is for you to keep your software updated, relevant, and perfectly functioning.





Every piece of software needs maintenance. Plain and simple.
The more complex the software, the more maintenance it will need.

Maintenance isn’t just about fixing bugs; it entails any effort to keep things running the way your users expect it to run. And more times than not, that means something other than simply fixing defects in your code.


Every software product is different with its own unique challenges.

To illustrate this, let’s say you wanted to create custom software for your organization.

With intelligent planning and careful execution, you hoped to avoid potential problems that often arise during the development process.

You hired a hot shot development team, who was fantastic at first. As time went on, the members of this dream team gradually became restless or received better offers and left the company, leaving your awesome project in the hands of unqualified new hires. Mistakes occur and problems arise, and soon the project begins to fall apart.

As much as you attempted to proactively eliminate all the risks that are involved with such a complex project, ultimately certain situations were beyond your control.

Our job is to make your life easier.

At Saggio Technologies, we enjoy creating consistency, stability, and long-term functionality to old problems that typically arise from less than complete or short-term solutions. Our dedicated maintenance contract frees up your team to focus on your critical initiatives rather than fooling with the old stuff.

Saggio Technologies can successfully...

Update code bases and bug fixing for updates

Rewrite entire backend architectures

Patch for security issues and keep patches up to date

Improve performance on platforms without unnecessary downtime

Compliance test and update systems for compliance reviews

Identify and build new features or add-ons for an existing system

Perform end-user support that is custom tailored to meet your specific preferences and needs. We will provide assistance directly to your customers, navigate through problems and quickly resolve issues

Incrementally bring your code to the highest possible software standard...and keep it there

Migrate databases to new servers

Don’t let your long-term maintenance weigh you down. Saggio Technologies is ready to help your team navigate the rough waters of development and improvements.

Saggio Technologies seamlessly blends with clients development and support practices ensuring smooth software operation and scalability.

As a client, you’ll receive:

  • Direct access to experienced engineers
  • Knowledgeable support personnel providing personalized service
  • Guaranteed response to all inquiries in a timely manner
  • Support channel flexibility (phone, e-mail, Slack, etc.)
  • Bug fixing and troubleshooting on an ongoing basis
  • Upgrades and patch deployment support options
  • Seamless integration with unique client’s business and support practices
  • Smooth and fast knowledge transfer
  • Skilled at supporting and maintaining both modern and legacy applications

The Saggio Effect...

Empowers growth

Business growth stems from growing profits, and implementing a software product is a good way to achieve it. By introducing a high-quality software product, you can optimize a certain business process or earn some additional revenue from monetizing it. Through continuous maintenance and support, we will make sure that it achieves its goal.

Builds value

Saggio Technologies is value-driven. We aspire to create a perfectly functioning software product and we value the trust and partnership of our clients.

Brings expertise

Our engineers are highly skilled and devoted to improvement. At Saggio Technologies, we provide our team experience-sharing opportunities to increase knowledge and support professional growth.

Application Maintenance Services



We’ll identify and fix software design, logical and coding errors, bugs and defects to increase system stability, consistency of software operation and satisfaction of your customers.



We’ll help you deliver value to your stakeholders and better compete on the market by developing and deploying new features, adapting software to changing business and Customer needs.



We’ll re-engineer your application to adapt to changing user requirements, perform system functional enhancements, and work on increasing application performance and efficiency.



We’ll ensure your application is secure and stable, minimize system downtime and increase software maintainability by restructuring and optimizing the code, updating documentation and performing security audits.

We refuse to deliver anything subpar

Some companies offer multiple levels of support services. At Saggio Technologies, we do not offer different tiers of quality because we offer the same continuous delivery of expert level engineers to all of our clients, regardless of the situation. From complex, multifaceted problems to high severity critical issues requiring immediate resolution, our seasoned software engineers will maintain your valuable software and treat it like their own.