Service Offerings

Mobile Application Development

Our engineers are skilled in development for all major mobile devices. We have direct experience with HTML 5 mobile applications as well as native applications that work on iOS and Windows Phone.

Technical Assessments

Are you unsure if you should buy or build? Are you confused about how recent changes in technology are affecting your shop? Maybe you feel like you are spending too much money on an IT-related expense? Maybe your software seems to have a lot of bugs? Stop. Take a deep breath and call us. A technical assessment is exactly what you need.

Internal Applications

Can’t find something off the shelf? Let us help you automate more and more of your business processes with custom-developed software. Perhaps you already have something but it is not as integrated as it could be.

Data Warehouses & Massive Databases

Working on a massive database requires completely different skills from working on sub-10GB databases.

Cloud Applications

The future of computing consists of smaller and smaller in house data centers, less IT staff and more interoperability with software that other vendors control, outside of your LAN. In this new world all sorts of challenges arise. Provisioning, security, billing, and maintenance all become more complex, but you overall costs significantly drop.

Product Development

This is where we shine. Let’s face it, development is not only very hard, but also very risky. You must hire a very good team to build your product. Who has time for rewrites? It must be done well the first time and satisfy your customers immediately.

Customer Portals

Do you have a private portal for your customers? Then you understand that you must keep it looking fresh and modern.

Salesforce and CRM

The best CRM systems out there today are fun, but also complex. The real power comes with integration of these systems into your own business systems.

DBA Services

Outsource your routine DBA tasks to Saggio Technologies, such as report writing, data migration, data cleansing, upgrades, capacity planning and routine maintenance.