Maintenance Costs. Maintenance Costs. Maintenance Costs.

Custom Software Development

We can build it.

Software development is a fun and also complex undertaking. Allow a professional and experienced development team handle your requirements and build you the best possible outcome.

• Mobile Application Development
• Database Optimization
• Customer Portals
• CRM and Ad-Tech
• Firmware
• Cloud Applications

Software Maintenance

We will treat your software like our own.

Once the software development is over, the team is downsized and now you have a very expensive piece of software. The last thing that you want to do it let any old person maintain it.

Managed IT Services

Keep it running; especially that 42U rack in the back with the expensive SAN

After a while, messing around with those servers can get annoying. Not knowing if you are following the best practices can be distressing. Let an experienced company handle this for you so you can get back to running your business.

• Data Recovery Services (Partner)
• VOIP (Partner)
• Malware, SANs / Servers, Switches / Firewalls, Cloud Monitoring

Technical Assessments

Get a second opinion

We will review your plans and ideas. We will review your existing practices (including governance as well as the code itself).

• Code Review
• Fractional Architect
• Fractional CTO