Positions Available

System Administrator (Part-Time) (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Saggio Technologies is looking for a System Administrator to augment our team.

What will you be doing?

You will be involed in multiple capacities: direct client support (networks), help with application development complexities around IT. You will also help with internal technical support. This is a client-facing as well as an internal support role. Professionalism, courtesy, kindness, integrity and respect are all critical elements in this position. Your primary mission is always to serve our clients in order to help them be successful. While you are doing that you will get exposed to many different things; hopefully new things to you. This will enable you to grow yourself and develop new skills. We are looking for someone with a strong technology passion, a propensity for learning new things and someone with the ability to receive mentoring by us.

What's in it for you?

Saggio Technologies gets involved with challenging software and hardware projects (mainly software). As a network admin, you will be exposed to many things through our projects. As needed, you will be trained directly by our Chief Architect or referred to courses, conferences, and books.




The full-time position will be paid on a W2 salary basis. The position has no benefits.

How many hours? Let's talk. We're flexible.


Please email your qualifications to darryl.agostinelli@saggiotechnologies.com