Are you having a "down condition" right now?

This emergency is different for everyone. Generally, we think of a "down condition" as a Class 1 Critical Outage . These are the sorts of issues where one of us needs to drop what we are doing and help with this right now .


  • Your valuable staff unable to work and costs are mounting
  • Customers cannot login and you are losing business
  • All inbound email is failing
  • A core critical sever crashed or has become severely degraded
  • A core critical sever is pegged out
  • You got hacked
  • Your major rollout that you spent so much time preparing for is about to be ruined.

Are you an active client of Saggio Technologies?

Choose this if you have a master services agreement in place. Choose this even if you haven't used us in a while as your agreement may still be valid.

Yes, I am an Active Client

I am not an active client, but I am having a major outage

Choose this if you do not have an active support agreement or master services agreement with Saggio Technologies. This will be considered an ala carte service. We can help you.

Help Me! I am having a major outage right now.

Our Pledge

If you are experiencing a Class 1 Critical Outage, where you cannot work, your business is losing money or losing major productivity and you need help now. Contact us. We will come help you.

Active clients have an assigned employee from Saggio Technologies. One of us can come into your office, talk to you over the phone or Zoom or Skype. We can establish a remote desktop working session with you. You choose.

If you are not a client , we can still help you. You have to call us and talk about it first. We have to assign someone and arrange payment.