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We literally drop whatever we're doing to help our clients when they're in need. If you're an active client, you know what this looks like because you’ve experienced it in real time: Saggio Technologies will receive a distress call from a frantic client -- which might be during a video conference call, or at the bank, etc -- all you hear is “I’m on my way!”. In the wake are baffled bank tellers, and Zoom attendees left scratching their heads. Our clients know that when a critical situation unfolds, they can count on us. This is what true professional service looks like.


What if I am not an active client?

We still may be able to help you. If you are not a client with an active contract, the price will be ala carte. What you need to do is call, text and email us immediately and explain the situation.

“Darryl asks great questions in the beginning of the process to make sure each party’s expectations are aligned; this allows him to fully grasp the problem and eliminate unnecessary solutions. This saves costs and keeps the project on target.”


An outage is something that came out of nowhere and got you. It happens when something changes suddenly. For contrast, a major bug in your software is probably not an outage if it's been there a long time. If the system worked on Monday, broke on Tuesday and we got it back up by Tuesday afternoon, and it was available on Wednesday morning, then that was an outage.



These are our definitions. We understand that your emergency is YOUR emergency and we will treat it with the urgency that you define. These outage classifications serve to define terminology that we can use collectively to describe what's happening.

Class 1
Critical Outage

Response time: RIGHT NOW
Production server or other mission critical system(s) are down and no workaround is immediately available.

All or a substantial portion of your mission critical data is at a significant risk of loss or corruption.

You have had a substantial loss of service.

Your business operations have been severely disrupted.
Severity 1 support requires you to have dedicated resources available to work on the issue on an ongoing basis during your contractual hours.
The system is down or severely degraded. You may be losing business. Your costs may be mounting because your staff is having to work many extra hours right now.
• You got hacked
• Your main server crashed and rollback failed
• The database ran out of space
• You are experiencing massive loads on your systems
• The mail server died

Class 2
Major Outage

(These are the most common outages. A working system has become broken. You can work around it. You would like it fixed)

Response time: ASAP
Major functionality is severely impaired.

Operations can continue in a restricted fashion, although long-term productivity might be adversely affected.

A major milestone is at risk.

Ongoing and incremental installations are affected.

A temporary workaround is available.

We will drop what we are doing to help you through a Class 1 Critical Outage. We sometimes call these "Down Conditions".

You can usually work around these or delay some things while it gets fixed. Your staff is not working at peak efficiency while this outage is in progress. If this keeps up, costs will mount. You can afford to be in this situation, but it's costly. Customers might not even perceive the outage, or they may perceive it as a slowdown, not a failure.

• The system you use to fulfill orders is down
• An internal server died
• The phone system is down (and phones are not critical)

Class 3

Response time: RAPID

Partial, non-critical loss of functionality of the software.

Impaired operations of some components, but allows the user to continue using the software.

Initial installation milestones are at minimal risk.

These are the most common outages.

A working system has become broken. You can work around it. You would like it fixed.
• The backup system ran out of space.
• The office printer broke.
• You had to rollback the last release and can't seem to get the new one installed
• Your big project ran into a showstopper

Darryl’s software work for my company has become a crucial and important tool for managing our inventory and sales forecasting needs. He has a set of attributes which are hard to find in a software developer nowadays: detailed attention to my needs as a client, thorough technical understanding of the issues involved, and a lot of patience in helping me (a non-programmer) understand the problem at hand in layman’s terms.”



Unfortunately, they're a fact of life - and business - that even the most prepared companies can’t avoid. In order to ensure these disruptions are minimal, a rapid response is essential in getting critical IT systems and applications up and running again. During uncertain times, no one can afford to be operating without contingencies in place.

Different issues will demand very different responses, and you need to make sure your plan covers all of them. There is a huge range of potential problems that may quickly arise:

> Is your staff unable to work and costs are mounting?
> Are you losing business because customers cannot login?
> Are your inbound emails failing?
> Is your database timing out?
> Has a core critical server crashed?
> Is a core critical server severely degraded?
> Has a core critical server pegged out?
> Do you have bugs that won't stay fixed?
> Have you been hacked?
> Is a major rollout about to go down?


First, we need to understand the situation. Our team has an extremely broad range of technical capabilities and can offer solutions to the most complex issues.

Second, we define the goal together. The ideal result is always full service restoration and that's what we will seek to accomplish as soon as possible. This is a 1 day "I need help right now" kind of service.

Third, we need a contract in place. Multi-day projects tend to actually be class 2 outages (non-critical). Full service restoration is sometimes not possible in one day. But lowering a class 1 to a class 2 usually is.


If you are experiencing a down condition, where you cannot work, your business is losing money or losing major productivity, we will help you. We realize that during a critical outage, it is vital that we make it possible for you to continue your operations and respond rapidly to the unique challenges you’re facing. We want you to know that you can count on us to be there to support your business.


Saggio Technologies is equipped with the latest technology, gear, toys, and know-how. We can help create an actionable plan and identify all constraints and capabilities, and accurately identify requirements and needs from an operational perspective.

Our approach is designed to fit specific needs of our customers. We understand that every business, regardless of its size, depends on their computer and communication systems in order to operate and stay in business. Contact Us. We will help you.


Consider getting our team on retainer. We are rapidly helping our clients who are facing a severe reduction in revenue and/or staff. If you are facing a reduction in force over this, you may need to transition some of the duties to a provider. That's us.

You’ve been hacked

Customers cannot login & losing business

Your staff unable to work & costs are mounting

Company inbound emails are failing

Your database is timing out

A core critical server crashed

A core critical server is severely degraded

A core critical server has pegged out

You have bugs that won't stay fixed

A major rollout is about to go down