Outage Classifications

How we define the different outage classes

These are our definitions. We understand that your emergency is YOUR emergency and we will treat it with the urgency that you define. These outage classifications serve to define terminology that we can use collectively to describe what's happening

What is an outage?

An outage is something that came out of nowhere and got you. It happens when something changes suddenly. For contrast, a major bug in your software is probably not an outage if it's been there a long time. If the system worked on Monday, broke on Tuesday and we got it back up Tuesday afternoon, and it was available able Wednesday morning, then that was an outage.

Class 1 Critical Outage

The system is down or severely degraded. You may be losing business. Your costs may be mounting because your staff is having to work many extra hours right now.


  • You got hacked
  • Your main server crashed and rollback failed
  • The database ran out of space
  • You are experiencing massive loads on your systems
  • The mail server died.

We will drop what we are doing to help you through a Class 1 Critical Outage. We sometimes call these "Down Conditions".

Click here if you are having a Class 1 Critical Outage

Class 2 Major Outage

You can usually work around these or delay some things while it gets fixed. Your staff is not working at peak efficiency while this outage is in progress. If this keeps up, costs will mount. You can afford to be in this situation, but it's costly. Customers might not even perceive the outage, or they may perceive it as a slowdown, not a failure.


  • The system you use to fulfill orders is down
  • An internal server died
  • The phone system is down (and phones are not critical)

Class 3 Outage

These are the most common outages. A working system has become broken. You can work around it. You would like it fixed.


  • The backup system ran out of space.
  • The office printer broke.
  • You had to rollback the last release and can't seem to get the new one installed
  • Your big project ran into a showstopper