I'm not an existing client of Saggio Technologies

We want to help you

This is one of the great ways we meet new clients; by helping them through their worst of times.

Since you don't have a contract with us, this will be an ala carte service this first time. We hope to help you and then make you a long term client.

Do this:

Contact Us Immediately

Send a text, send an email and call. Do all three. Be patient as we do not carry pagers.

  1. Text Darryl T. Agostinelli at +1 (512) 585-3246
  2. Call Darryl T. Agostinelli at +1 (512) 585-3246 and leave a message.
  3. Send an email to support@saggiotechnologies.com, darryl.agostinelli@saggiotechnologies.com

Do all of the above. One of these mechanisms will get through to someone. It may not be immediate, but it will be quick.

Don't bother explaining everything -- that wastes time. Just get one of us on the phone and tell us then.

What can you expect?

First, we need to understand the situation and we need to be given an opportunity to decide if we can actually help you. Usually, we can. We have an extremely broad range of technical capabilities.

Second, we define the goal together. The ideal result is always full service restoration and that's what we will seek to accomplish as soon as possible. What this service is offering is a 1 day "oh my goodness, I need help right now or else" kind of service.

Third, we need a contract in place. It will be sent to you after you call.

Additional Information

We charge $2,500 for the day up to a 6 hour day, that day. For illustration, if you call at 10am and we get started at 1pm, we will keep working for 6 hours (until 7pm). After that, it's a per-hour charge of $250/hr.

Multi-day projects tend to actually be class 2 outages (non-critical). When we talk, let's define the goal. Full service restoration is sometimes not possible in one day. But lowering a class 1 to a class 2 usually is.