Our COVID-19 Response

We know this is a crazy time for everyone. A crisis is not an optimal time for anyone to set up new ways of doing things, yet most businesses were left without a choice. The truth is, we were always going to need remote workforce capabilities for at least a portion of our workforce. Now we must find ways to collaborate and support our people as they transition to digital ways of working quickly and effectively.

We were paying attention to the situation in China at the start of the outbreak. Weeks prior to the government reaction in the USA, our Founder, Darryl T. Agostinelli began warning customers about what businesses should expect and how to prepare, urging that everyone should be practicing remote workforce firedrills. Some were ready and some were not.


By coming together as a community, we can lift each other up.

We can't make ventilators or face masks or do medical testing -- but we can write software, fix computers, automate jobs, and help you pivot. At a time like this, a company must be agile and be prepared as needs change rapidly. Here are some of the many ways we can help:

We are all in this together. Our founder, Darryl Agostinelli, has set aside time on his calendar to go over your business continuity plan and offer proactive solutions to keep your company from experiencing disruptions. We need to support one another during these uncertain times. You can schedule a free hour of consultation (even if you are an existing client) and get answers to any questions you may have.

We are able to offer favorable payment terms to customers on a needs basis, which we can discuss during your no obligation consultation with Darryl.



Saggio Technologies is committed to supporting your business throughout the course of this pandemic and to provide continuity of service at all times.

We realize that in this time of crisis, it is critical that we make it possible for you to continue your operations and help you respond to the unique demands that you may be facing. We want you to know that at this important time, you can count on us to be there to support your business. During unprecedented times like this, we will need all the help we can get.

If you have any suggestions or requests for how we can help support you at this time, please tap the link below and let us know.



This emergency is different for everyone. If you are experiencing a down condition where you cannot work and your business is losing money or losing major productivity, you need help now. We are here to help you.



We know that running a business is no easy feat, and only made harder during times of crisis. As many industries have been disrupted by the outbreak, companies are attempting to adapt by incorporating remote work and online marketing into their business strategy. This transition is not simple, it can be even more challenging without a big budget and actionable plans.

We are here to support you and help your business thrive digitally amidst growing uncertainties. We've put together The Remote Worker Handbook with tips and tricks to help guide our friends and clients through the challenges many experience when going mobile.


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We will continue to share informative content to help you navigate during the changing circumstances. We will offer ways to help you communicate with your team and your clients, and tips on how to help your business during this crisis.


If you have any suggestions or requests for how we can help support you at this time, please tap the link below and let us know!